What You Need To Know About Do It Yourself Blogs?

A do it yourself blog has a great deal going for it. Here I look at the aspects of blogging that you must not overlook, especially if your ambition is to make money out your creation. The worlds most popular blogging platform is WordPress and it’s free. Your blog posts should, obviously, be about whatever niche you have decided to promote, however you can sprinkle it with humorous posts and posts about yourself. However, make these last two brief and avoid an ego trip.

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Do you want to learn more? Visit do it yourself blogs can help with this┬áHave a combination of short posts and videos along with articles. These articles should be written by you, be one hundred percent original and distributed throughout the web and appear on your blog. Distribute your articles to the leading article agencies beginning with EzineArticles as well as using pinging services. You should also make a post on all your social network sites. All articles that are distributed across the internet should have a link back to your blog. If you wish to make money from your blog, you are best advised to stick to the markets that make most money online. They are…

How to make more money – especially from home, online.
Self improvement. This is a huge market that covers everything from weight loss to spiritual matters including appearance as well as mental and physical health issues.
Relationships. How to find a boyfriend/girlfriend, how to prevent relationships/marriages from ending and dating services.
Anything that you have a burning passion about, just make sure that if you intend to monetize your site that the subject matter has a large enough potential audience.

Make your own videos embed them in your blog and distribute them far and wide, You Tube isn’t the only video hosting service. The basic plug-ins that you should have on your blog are All In One SEO, Google XML Sitemaps and Akismet. Everything on your blog should, as far as possible, be search engine optimized. This, essentially, means ensuring that the subject matter of your posts and articles should be something that is searched for, worldwide, by, at least, five thousand people per month.

The article’s title should be the keyword phrase that surfers use to access the required information. For example, how to loose weight, make money online, I want my boyfriend back etc. An article should have it’s own page. The URL and title of that page should be your keyword phrase or contain that phrase. Photographs, bullet points, numbered lists and short paragraphs will make your blog pages more interesting.

As an additional tip you should ensure that your blog remains fresh. A blog that has not changed for a long time looks dead and un-appealing. The search engines favour any site that is constantly added to. Daily posts are the ideal. A do it yourself blog run correctly can be a powerful marketing tool. There are many blogs that provide the owners with a substantial income. Just be aware that, like lots of worthwhile projects, blogs need a lot of hard work to be invested in them.