Chips Cacao-An Info

Unfortunately, not many people are aware of what Cacao can do for them. For centuries, this wonderful superfood called the “Food of the Gods” by the Mayans, has been known for its incredible positive effects on the human mind and body. Not only does Cacao provide us with various nutritional and health benefits, its great tasting as well.

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Cacao is a treasure box of health benefits as it is a huge source of vitamins like vitamin A, B, C and D, beta-carotene, and minerals like magnesium, calcium, sodium and zinc. Phenylethylamine, a chemical produced in the human body while experiencing feelings of love as well as anti-oxidant compounds called Flavonols are found in the nutritious chocolate. It can be consumed in various forms like:

Cacao nibs: The medicinal benefits date back to as far as the sixteenth century. Cacao is known to improve working of the digestive system, positively influence the appetite. Nibs can be used in a whole lot of ways and can easily be added to your daily diet. They go great in trail mix or as a bite-sized chocolate to much on.

Raw Cacao beans: The large amount of antioxidants present in raw Cacao help fight cancer causing free radicals. They are a rich source of countless naturally occurring compounds. Raw cacao helps regulate sleep and strengthens the cardio-vascular system. It also stimulates secretion of mood elevating chemicals namely serotonin and endorphins, thereby energizing the body and give uplifts mood by providing a feeling of euphoria.

Cacao powder: A sweet and dense powder, that can be added as an ingredient to many recipes. Some of my personal favorites are shakes, smoothies, brownies, and cakes. Cacao powder is made by compressing organic raw cacao beans to make a brown paste. The top layer of fat is removed from the paste. The residue left behind is the cacao powder.

Cacao butter: IT is a natural preservative extracted from cacao seeds. It increases skin elasticity and is commonly used in lip balms, ointments skin care creams and lotions. Try out cacao for yourself to experience all of its wonderful, healthful benefits.