Food Trucks And Nachos

 Food trucks were a novelty until only a few years ago. Now in almost any country in the world you can find an amazing range of mobile food vendors offering almost any kind of food from nachos to burgers to ribs. Every year, the number and diversity of trucks and food on offer grows.

4ffcfa86-ec04-4745-8ca3-4ddb46204482My personal favorite style of food trucks are the Tex-Mex based Food Trucks. Nachos, gourmet nacho cheese, burritos and tacos are all some of the finest food I’ve ever had. There is something about a warm and freshly made foil wrapped burrito that just gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling!

Then there’s the nachos, once I’ve had just a taste of that gooey melted nacho cheese sauce and some fresh homemade chilli, I simply cannot get enough. Something so simple can taste so amazing. Not only is the taste of these foods so divine, but the prices are unbeatable. Going to a regular restaurant for the same food will usually cost double.

The food truck culture has grown into such a big industry that people actually make a living from just running their own truck. It’s not a hobby-based business any more. There are even websites dedicated to showing you exactly where a particular food truck is on any given day in particular cities. The Australian website ‘Where The Truck At’ shows over 100 food trucks across 7 cities and gives you a map and time as to when the food trucks will be serving.

kgbAcross almost any country, there are countless mobile food van directories offering the same information. I’m not surprised as to why either. With such a demand for this style of cuisine, there is a need to map and track the locations for the thousands of consumers each day who look forward to their food truck lunch.

The great thing about all these different cuisines being introduced to people on the streets is that people are now becoming more adventurous when cooking at home. For example, you might have a real hankering for an authentic burrito but maybe the food vans have all closed for the day. So, you do the next best thing, you make it yourself!

Thankfully sourcing the ingredients is not as hard as it used to be either, in fact you can find most products online and have them delivered. In almost any country now you can order specialized ingredients and have them sent to your door. In North and South America and across Europe it’s quite easy to find specialist products.

In other countries it can be more difficult. Across Asia pacific for example some nations have a much smaller population and are less influenced by the food truck culture which means there is limited variety on offer. Thankfully for anyone wanting the real nacho cheese, Mexican chillies or American sauces you can buy them online from a few dedicated websites.