Digital Coin Sorter

18A digital coin sorter is a machine which sorts coins into categories of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. A digital coinage sorter is a great machine to have around next to a piggy bank or a spare coin jar. As coins are collected in the piggy bank or coin jar, it can become difficult to sort out what type of change you need, or how much money in change is actually in the jar, because everything is mixed in together. A digital change sorter has a slot at the top where change can be dropped into, and the digital sorter divides the change into their proper receptacles. To learn moreĀ coin wrapping machine.

As the coin sorter is filled with change, the plastic tubes designated for each type of coin will fill up to the top of their capacity. For the convenience of sorting change, the plastic receptacle tubes for change are typically the same size as bank rolls. This plastic part of the machine can then be pulled out, and the accurate amount of change can be put directly into bank rolls.

Digital change sorters also count the amounts of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters that go through the machine, and sum up the amount of money which is put through the machine in change. The digital screen on the change sorter displays the amount of each type of coin which goes through the machine, and also displays the total amount of money which is put through the machine. This is a very efficient way to add up the amount of loose change that is sitting in a spare change jar to a total, instead of counting up the change by hand.