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Image result for Darien dash scavantger huntAre you tired of doing the same things year after year for your child’s birthday party? A fun activity that is both unique and doesn’t require much set-up is a scavenger hunt. They can be done in a variety of different ways at almost any location, and the more guests invited the better!

When planning a scavenger hunt, keep these tips in mind: darien dash 5K offers excellent info on this. Utilize your surroundings: Is there a park, pond, or woodsy area nearby? Consider doing a nature scavenger hunt. Is your city home to a huge shopping mall? Give each team a list of free things to go and find.

Cater the hunt to your child and their guests: Girls would probably prefer a mall scavenger hunt to a nature hunt, and boys vice versa. If your child has a driver’s license they might prefer to be given places to visit around town, while a group of elementary aged children would be fine at a park. If your child is an animal lover, consider doing collecting items to be taken later to a local animal shelter.

Make sure to have enough adult supervision: Consider asking if some of the parents would mind staying and supervising with you in exchange for free cake.

To make it even more fun, consider incorporating a game into the scavenger hunt: For example, one such game is called ‘Bigger and Better’. The groups start off asking a neighbor for something small and of little value, such as a penny or a paperclip. They take that item to the next house, explain they are doing a scavenger hunt, and ask if they can trade their item for something bigger and better, like a travel sized bottle of lotion. The teams continue to go until time is up, and whoever has the biggest and best prize at the end wins.

Consider having more than one team: Depending on the number of birthday party guests, you might want to split off into three, four, or even five teams.

If doing a neighborhood scavenger hunt, be considerate of the neighbors: You might want to give each team a section of the neighborhood, or certain streets, so that homeowners are not asked to participate multiple times. Or simple give one team the odd number houses and the other team the even numbered houses.

Be safe: Before allowing the teams to go off, make sure to go over the basic safety rules and what to do in an emergency. Also, make sure every group has at least one cell phone that they can use to contact you or call 9-1-1 in case something does happen.